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Helio Gracie teaching his sons early

Youth Jiu Jitsu

How it works

Our Youth Program is for 3rd thru 7th graders and operates (2-3) day a week.

Our next course begins August 14th 20018 and will run to May 25th 2019.

First Class FREE: Come check us out!

Training Days: T, Th,  6:oop – 6:45p

Enrollment Fee: $61. uniform, belt & (2) training shirts included 

Monthly Fee: $89


In our Youth program, your child will be taught the (3) most important areas of Martial Arts for Self Defense.  Our focus will be on school & home Self Protection and Jiu Jitsu on Jiu Jitsu grappling. For Self Defense, we’ll address the most common standing and ground situations needed and we’ll insure each child can use learned techniques in our group grappling sessions. Our program is a duel threat system and we’re sure your child will love it!  

This core curriculum has the potential to change your child’s life and the prospect of doing so is very exciting for us.  We look forward to training your young one!  Please fill in the form below to receive a schedule and additional information. 

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