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Helio Gracie teaching his sons early

Youth Jiu Jitsu

How it works

Our Youth Program is for 9 to 15 yrs olds and operates (1) day a week. January 2017 we will be meeting on Thursday’s at 5:45pm.     

Each course has a beginning and an end.

  • Fall Semester: August thru December 
  • Winter/Spring Semester: January thru May.    



All new students start their training in our Youth Jiu Jitsu “Bully Beware” program.  In this class your child will be taught the (3) most important areas of Martial Arts for Self Defense.  Our focus is on your child’s ability to defend themselves verbally and physically so this class is mandatory for ALL incoming students.  The 3 areas of focus are:

  1. Communication skills (Verbal Jiu Jitsu & non-violent conflict resolution)
  2. Physical Jiu Jitsu. (Techniques required for defending oneself)
  3. Life Skills Preparation (focus words for building a positive mentality) 

This core curriculum has the potential to change your child’s life and the prospect of doing so is very exciting for us.  We look forward to training your young one!  Please fill in the form below to receive a schedule information. 

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