Lexington Jiu Jitsu is happy to be teaming up with Certified Yoga Instructor and owner of Two Turtles Yoga Dorothy Abercrombie.  Our intention is to provide Lexington, SC with quality Yoga instruction close to home.

Yoga is designed to build inner strength, core stability, flexibility and stamina and Two Turtles Yoga will accommodate beginners and experienced students alike.

Two Turtle Yoga website:  www.twoturtlesyoga.com


Friday:        6:00-7:00p    Basic Yoga/Gentle or Yoga Express.  (Class varies depending on attendees)
Privates Lessons available !!!  Contact Dorothy to inquire.  

 Class descriptions:  

Basic Yoga An introduction to a series of yoga poses presented to develop your physical resilience, flexibility and endurance. You are taught breath control, mental focus, body awareness and balance while relaxing and stretching the body.

Gentle Yoga This approach introduces you to healing poses that stimulate your immune system, massage organs and increase blood flow to gently encourage your body to repair and maintain itself.

Yoga Express* A quick paced session of yoga to develop your strength, flexibility and agility by synchronizing your breathing with movement.  This class is offered for experienced beginners; the lesson has a fast tempo with few cues. Before starting Yoga Express, you need to be familiar with yoga poses and alignment.

Class Rates:

Drop-In: Pay at Door
$10.00 for one class